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Cryptos, NFTs and the blockchain - a podcast to explain it all.

Mark Van Hees - Apr 19, 2021
Cryptos, NFTs and the blockchain. A podcast that the helps explain these game changing, headline grabbing subjects in a language that hopefully we can all better understand

If you were ever curious about Cryptos, NFTs and the blockchain like we have been, then we believe you will find this 55 minute podcast extremely interesting. Professor Galloway interviews an expert in the field and has the guest do his best to explain these topics in a language that we can all make better sense of.  

Professor Galloway:

"Unencumbered by regulation, reticence to destroy legacy assets, or boomer brains that just don't "get it", crypto is a U$2 Trillion disruptive force. I can validate that anybody over 50 has trouble understanding this stuff and am fairly certain that the number of candles on the CEO's office party birthday cake is inversely correlated to their understanding of crypto".

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